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Indica et Buddhica

Indica et Buddhica
Indica et Buddhica is a privately held company registered with the New Zealand Companies Office, No. 2185898. It focuses on digital publishing. It also administers photographic projects, distributes prints, and provides images for exhibition and publication.
Materials for Indology and Buddhology
Repositorium is an archive of materials for Indology and ... » more
Richard Mahoney documents change, growth and ... » more
Lexica provides definitions from two Sanskrit-Tibetan word ... » more
Philologica provides texts and tools for philological ... » more
Tabulae provides tables of contents for Indology and ... » more

  • Indica et Buddhica: has over 2600 registered users, mostly faculty and post graduates, mostly engaged in Indological and Buddhological studies ...
  • Repositorium: holds materials for Indologists and Buddhologists, works related to the study of Nāgārjuna and Śāntideva, various dictionaries and word lists ...
  • Richard Mahoney – Camera Antipodea: documents change, growth and decay, creation, destruction, regeneration, and fluctuating, shifting, ill defined ...
  • Lexica: provides definitions from two Sanskrit-Tibetan word lists and a Sanskrit-English dictionary. Ten search strategies are ...
  • Philologica: provides texts and tools for philological research. Textual analysis is available for works by Nāgārjuna and Śāntideva, the Mahāvyutpatti and ...
  • Tabulae: increases the usefulness of online journals. Through links and feeds it makes this material easier to find, access and ...

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