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Open Access Journal: ISAW Newsletter

ISAW Newsletter (Institute for the Study of the Ancient World)
ISAW periodically publishes a print newsletter containing updates on research and teaching. PDF copies are available here for download (requires Adobe Reader or another PDF-capable program):

    ISAW Newsletter 1: December 2008

    PDF document icon ISAW_NewsLetter_0108.pdf PDF document, 4202 kB (4303663 bytes)

    ISAW Newsletter 2: December 2009

    PDF document icon ISAW_Newsletter_1209.pdf PDF document, 2661 kB (2725094 bytes)

    ISAW Newsletter 3: Fall 2010

    PDF document icon ISAW_Newsletter_1110.pdf PDF document, 661 kB (677662 bytes)

    ISAW Newsletter 4: Spring 2011

    PDF document icon ISAW_Newsletter_0411.pdf PDF document, 875 kB (896907 bytes)

    ISAW Newsletter 5: Fall 2011

    PDF document icon Newsletter 5forweb.pdf PDF document, 3369 kB (3450344 bytes)

    ISAW Newsletter 6: Spring 2012

    PDF document icon Newsletter6forweb.pdf PDF document, 2512 kB (2572618 bytes)

    ISAW Newsletter 7: Fall 2012

    PDF document icon Newsletter 7forweb.pdf PDF document, 3868 kB (3960925 bytes)

    ISAW at Five (May 2012)

    PDF document icon ISAW_5forweb.pdf PDF document, 5141 kB (5264877 bytes)

    ISAW Newsletter 8: Spring 2013

    PDF document icon Newsletter 8smallfile.pdf PDF document, 745 kB (763191 bytes)

    ISAW Newsletter 9: Fall 2013

    PDF document icon Newsletter 9 for web.pdf PDF document, 5951 kB (6094077 bytes)

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