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A Catalogue of Digital Editions

A Catalogue of Digital Editions
The present website showcases the research data collection work undertaken by PhD candidate Greta Franzini at the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities under the supervision of Dr Melissa Terras and Simon Mahony.
Greta is creating a digital edition of the oldest surviving manuscript of S.Augustine's De Civitate Dei. Before doing so, her research seeks to examine best practice in the field of digital editions by collating relevant evidence in a detailed catalogue of extant electronic text projects. The catalogue records features, scope, philological as well as technological aspects of each edition and is exhibited here in its embryonic form with the intention of becoming a collaborative endeavour for the benefit of the Digital Humanities community.
Lists of digital editions already exist and have been around for many years. None, however, record project features, nor do they provide an easy means of browsing, viewing and downloading the data. Greta's catalogue fills that gap as it not only provides an up-to-date record of what is currently available but breaks projects down into their constituent parts for a detailed understanding of their build.

The catalogue is of great benefit as it provides:
  • an accessible, unique record of what has been used and tested in the past, what works and what does not;
  • an insight into past, present and future projects;
  • the possibility of viewing trends or patterns (e.g. what time periods are most covered or which institutions produce the largest number of digital editions);
  • a platform where collaborators can engage in live discussions and update information as it becomes available;
  • a means of identifying which areas need to be improved and flagging up broken links or errors.
While currently serving as a doctoral survey, the catalogue is being developed into a large resource. With this website, Greta hopes to encourage interested scholars to join the project as co-editors and, together, record extant electronic editions for the benefit of the Digital Humanities community.
For more information on how to contribute, visit the About page on this website.

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