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Open Access Journal: Present Pasts

[First posted in AWOL 13 November 2009. Updated 12 December 2013]

Present Pasts
ISSN (online) 1759-2941
As the journal of the UCL Institute of Archaeology Heritage Studies Section, Present Pasts contains global and cross-cultural perspectives in the fields of Cultural Heritage Studies, Public Archaeology and Museum Studies. The journal encourages debate on contentious issues, and seeks to give voice to a wide range of stakeholders in the Heritage sector.

Vol 5, No 1 (2013)

Thornton ‘… a certain faculty for extricating cash’: Collective Sponsorship in Late 19th and Early 20th Century British Archaeology
Sparks Publicising Petrie: Financing Fieldwork in British Mandate Palestine (1926–1938)

Vol 4, No 1 (2012)

Vomvyla Constructing Identity and Heritage at the Crossroads: Albanian Families’ Cross-Border Connections and Homemaking Projects in Athens
Al-Houdalieh The Attitudes of Palestinian Religious Scholars and Institutions toward the Looting of Palestine's Archaeological Heritage

Vol 3, No 2 (2011)

Norman Should the UK Be Nominating More World Heritage Sites?

Vol 3 (2011)

Papa-Sokal Who “Owns” the Euphronios Krater?
Baram & Austin Neighborhood Archaeology
Baram Community Organizing in Public Archaeology
Weisman Front Yard, Back Yard    
Hart Heritage, Neighborhoods and Cosmopolitan Sensibilities
Austin Doing Archaeology Publicly
Nassaney Public Involvement in the Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project
Grange Saving Eighteenth-Century New Smyrnea   
Wenzel & George Searching for the Real Florida in the Land of Make Believe
Moshenska ‘Impudent Lies’

Vol 2 (2010)

Dodd & Boytner The Future of Palestinian Cultural Heritage
Taha The Current State of Archaeology in Palestine
Fahel Repatriating Palestinian Patrimony
Al-Houdalieh Archaeological Heritage and Related Institutions in the PNT
Al-Jubeh What Matters? Considering the Future of Cultural Heritage in Palestine
Sayej Palestinian Archaeology: Knowledge, Awareness and Cultural Heritage
Yahya The Palestinian–Israeli Draft Agreement on Archaeological Heritage
Rjoob Contested Management of Archaeological sites in the Hebron District
Hawari The Citadel of Jerusalem: Cultural Appropriation of Archaeology in Palestine
Yahya Looting and ‘Salvaging’ the Heritage of Palestine
Iwais et al.Destruction of the Cultural-Archaeological Landscape in the West Bank
Butler'Keys of the Past: Keys to the Future'
Starzmann Structural Violence as Political Experience in Palestine
Bernbeck Imperialist Networks: Ancient Assyria and the United States
Schipper & Eichberger The Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict
Eichberger Developing New Dimension Standards for Sheltering Moveable Objects
Infantini & Poloni Authoritarism and Archaeology in Portugal
Sands & Butler The Next Generation: Students Discuss Archaeology in the 21st Century

Vol 1 (2009)

Haber Localizing the Global: A Framework for Discussing WAC’s Problems and Promise
Moshenska What is Public Archaeology?
Gilead et al.
Excavating Nazi Extermination Centres
Paine Militant Atheist Objects: Anti-Religion Museums in the Soviet Union
Gill Looting Matters for Classical Antiquities: Contemporary Issues in Archaeological Ethics

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