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Digital Corpus of Cuneiform Lexical Texts


DCCLT: Digital Corpus of Cuneiform Lexical Texts

Drawing of a list of vessels from Archaic Uruk, circa 3500 BCE

Editions and translations of lexical texts (word lists and sign lists) from all periods of cuneiform writing
Project directed by Niek Veldhuis at UC Berkeley and supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

DCCLT/ebla: DCCLT/Ebla Lexical Texts

Decorations from the palace at Ebla

Editions and translation of the unilingual and bilingual lexical texts from Ebla (ca. 2300 BCE). The editions were prepared by Marco Bonechi (Rome) and transformed for publication in DCCLT by Niek Veldhuis.

dcclt/Jena: dcclt/Lexical Texts in the Hilprecht Collection, Jena

Editions and translation of lexical texts from Nippur now in the Frau Professor Hilprecht Collection of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. Editions by John Carnahan and Niek Veldhuis (Berkeley) with the assistance of Jay Chrisostomo (Ann Arbor), Kai Lämmerhirt, and Manfred Krebernik (Jena). Supported by a Mellon Project Grant of the Division of Arts and Humanities of the University of California at Berkeley.

DCCLT/Nineveh: DCCLT/Lexical Texts in the Royal Libraries at Nineveh

Horned bull and archaizing sign list.

Nineveh provides editions of the lexical texts in the royal tablet collections discovered in the Assyrian capital. The project is supported by the NEH and was carried out in cooperation with the British Museum.

DCCLT/signlists: DCCLT/Reading the Signs

Editions and translations of all cuneiform sign lists from the middle of the third millennium B.C.E. until the end of cuneiform culture. The project is supported by the NEH.
Project directed by Niek Veldhuis. Editions by Emmanuelle Salgues, C. Jay Crisostomo, and John Carnahan.

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