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Open Access Journal: Studies in Digital Heritage


 [First posted in AWOL 14 December 2017, updates 2 March 2021]

Studies in Digital Heritage

Bust of Agrippina Minor 
Studies in Digital Heritage publishes peer-reviewed articles, monographs, and special issues treating the entire gamut of topics in the field of Digital Heritage.

his peer-reviewed, online journal publishes innovative work applying new digital technologies to the various fields of cultural heritage such as Anthropology, Archaeology, Art History, Architectural History, Classics, Conservation Science, Egyptology, and History. The journal welcomes submissions treating any and all technologies applied to the study of these fields.

While the journal covers the gamut of topics relating to the use of technology in the study of cultural heritage, its special emphasis is on 3D technologies, including 3D data capture, processing of 3D models, theory and practice of 3D restoration of cultural heritage objects, use of 3D models in research and instruction, metadata and paradata standards and best practices for 3D models, and the use of 3D models on VR and AR devices as well as on web pages.

Hence, when appropriate, authors are encouraged to embed interactive 3D models into their articles in place of traditional 2D illustrations. The journal supports WebGL solutions currently in use by professionals in the field, including 3DHop, Sketchfab, and Unity.  

From time to time the journal will publish special issues on a particular topic.

Research leading to the creation of this journal was generously supported by the National Science Foundation (grant # IIS-1014956; and see the related article by D. Koller, B. Frischer, and G. Humphreys, "Research Challenges for Digital Archives of 3D Cultural Heritage Models,"JOCCH 5, 2009, pp. 1-20).

Virtually Real or Really Virtual: Towards a Heritage Metaverse

Jeremy Huggett


Digital Documentation of the Saite Tombs in Saqqara

Matthias Lang Universität Tübingen, Ramadan Hussein, Benjamin Glissmann, Philippe Kluge


Serious Gaming for Virtual Archaeoastronomy

Georg Zotti, Bernard Frischer, John Fillwalk


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